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Shanghai Youngking Office Products Co., Ltd.

Company Details:

Brands : LADEN
No. of Employees : 50~100
Year Established : 1998
Export p.c : < 10%

The first brand in the Chinese health cigarette filter holder Market.


The 21st century consumers are matured,they use the product while eager to grasp the scientific knowledge contained behind,so manufacturers should make every effort to achieve it ---reflections of Laden founder.


Our company is the first one in China in the research and development as well as the production of the cigarette filtering for the 2nd time. The company has a history of 25 years or so, with its products having a high rate occupation in the Chinese market. Furthermore, the raw material used for our products are acknowledged and notified by the 3rd party of a special Notification Organization of Switzerland, of which I have sent you through the net a Notificaton Report of "SGS". What's more, all our products are made of the new material, and the whole production process are disinfected and sterilized, so much so, that new products out of the production line are all sterilized up to the standard demanded.


We can make packing according to your demand, no additional fee (not included in the price), and on the packaging we can print your company's name and LOGO,address, phone number, net,two dimensional code and so on. Of course, we should be authorized by you to do so in this regard. We have once done so for dozens of customers like China's Commercial Bank, the Bank of China, Putong Development Bank, China's Zhonghua cigarettes, the Big Eagle cigarettes, Red-Golden Dragon cigarettes etc.